Cheque Cashing (Cash)

Won a cheque at a gaming venue?

Don’t want to wait the 3-5 days clearance time?

Get the cash on the spot at one of our stores today. With Cashmart’s low fees You will never have to wait for YOUR money again!

Fast Approval! You will have your money in a matter of minutes not days.

Simply come into the store with the cheque and photo ID.

*Conditions and eligibility Criteria apply

Terms and Conditions


Cashmart must require every person attempting to cash a cheque produce evidence as to the person's identity. 


Identification containing a photograph

  • a passport 

  • a driver's license 

  • a document issued by a statutory authority that contains a person's photograph, such as a learner driver's permit, Work Safe, Working with children card.

  • an identification card issued by a tertiary education institution 

  • a license issued under the Firearms Act 1996.


Identification without a photograph

If the identification used does not include a photograph, two forms of identification are required, from the following list: 

  • a full birth certificate or extract 

  • a certificate of Australian citizenship 

  • a marriage certificate 

  • one only of the following health or pensioner cards issued by or on behalf of the Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, or the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing: 

    • health care card 

    • pensioner concession card 

    • Commonwealth seniors health card

  • one only of any other card issued by the above Commonwealth Departments and which certifies entitlement to Commonwealth health concessions 

  • an identification card issued by a tertiary education institution

  • Medicare Card


Personal Infomation Form

We require a Cheque customer form to be completed on first application. This form expires at the beginning of every year and will need to be updated yearly to continue cashing cheques with us. We also require information about 2 references on the Cheque Customer Form.

Eligible cheques

Cashmart can accept cheques up to and including $5000 from gaming/pokie venues. Verification may be required before approval. Cashmart reserves the right to refuse service due to incomplete, errored or unverified cheques. 


Fees and Charges

Cashmart will deduct any fees and charges from the cheque payout figure.